Sizing Guide

Find the correct size of Ear Gear for your hearing instrument


  • How to measure your hearing aids by:
    • Video demonstration
    • Infographic
  • What ear gear models will work for different hearing instrument processors
  • Search by hearing instrument brand on the Fit List find the right size of Ear Gear for your hearing instrument.

Video Resources

Videos include:

  • Ear Gear Overview
  • Ear Gear Tips
  • Measure Your Hearing Aid
  • Reverse Loading
  • Sliding the Seam
  • Ear Gear & Dry n Store
  • Clip and O-Ring
  • Cleaning Ear Gear
  • Putting Ear Gear on Your Hearing Aids, Cochlear Processor, Rondo Processor, or Baha Device
  • Using Ear Gear Eyeglasses Models & Ear Gear ITE

Brochures & Marketing Tools

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